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The purpose of writing this article is to provide information about assignment writing, what it is, where and why it is written and how it is written (the structure). An assignment is paperwork, handwritten or typed by a student to his tutor with the purpose of testing the student on his understanding of a certain topic. Assignments usually answer a specific question that is later presented to the lecture for grading. The answers made to a research question are called assertions and they provide an argument on the study topic.  Writing an assignment excellently shows what the student knows and what they learned during the research or during the study. 

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When writing an assignment, a student should understand clearly the topic and narrow down arguments to favor the topic. A well-written assignment requires a lot of research to gain different aspects and views on the topic. It is usually advisable for the student to gain information from books, magazines, journals, and articles related to the topics. The internet also gives information but most points are left out or even the information could be from past years, which could offer limited information since other facts about the same topics have been discovered. 

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When given a broad topic to work on, the student should break it down into small sections this way research is easier for small sections of work than the whole topic. When doing research for example reading a book, keeping track of the reference is important. Noting down the reference book would make it easier when writing references as the student will not waste much time on finding specific references. There are some of the words that the students are not supposed to use, namely, use of shortened words, for example, don’t in place of do not, use of words that show individuality, for example, we and you. The words that show individuality can be used only when the professor instructed them to be included.


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Assignment writing format depends on the instructions given by the tutor. When told to present the work in the form of an essay the normal formatting structure should be used, that is the title page, the introduction, the body, conclusions and referencing. In case the lecture wants the assignment as a research, the structure should follow that one of a research paper: the title page, table of content, an abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, recommendation, acknowledgement and lastly the referencing.

Note that in every paper work a title page, an introduction and a conclusion are important as the title page gives the reader necessary details like the title, student’s name, the lecture’s name, and date of submission. The introduction is important because it is the first place the reader will land eyes on, to know what the paper entails. this way the reader decides whether to continue reading the work or just go on to another paper. The introduction should reach for the main points and purpose of the study. Other students prefer defining words that are in the topic on the introduction.

The conclusion summarizes key points made by answering the assignment question. A conclusion about a controversial topic should show which side to choose and show how the answer to the topic was derived from the evidence. Just like the introduction, a conclusion should take ten percent of the words in the assignment. The referring to ought to be finished by the guidance given going through the work is important as these corrections are made.

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