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Shakespeare stated that inspiration is the key to good writing. Someone might ask what an essay is when and where it is supposed to be written, why it is written and how an essay is written. This article discusses all these questions in depth to help the reader grasp the content. An essay is a paper work that is written to give the reader a different argument of the context, according to the writer’s understanding. Essays are usually short since they cover a fixed topic. That is, not very wide context except on rare occasions when an essay could have a wide topic. An example is when a person is told to write about effects of alcohol to the human body, this is a topic on its own that will cover only the effects of alcohol to a person’s body.

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Essays are mostly school-based but others include book reviews and magazine and newspaper review essays. Writing does not need any specific time to write and they are written as long as the set deadline is met. They are done by writers to give a different view on the topic apart from the way readers understand that same context. Essay writing does not require a special skill from the writer as anybody can write an essay.it depends on how the person understands basic essay writing rules and how they best understand the topic under study. most essays are written in word document as many people want their essays done in that form.

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The question of how academic writing is done is every beginner’s elephant in the room. That should not be a problem because essay writing is easy and it should contain the following, an introduction, the body, the conclusion and references. The introduction is the most important part as it determines whether the reader will continue reading the essay or that will just feel bored right from the word start. It should give a brief definition and introduction of the topic in an appealing way. The introduction should begin every essay that is being written.

The body is where the whole argument and representation of someone’s finding is presented. When writing the body in essay writing, the strongest points should begin right below the introduction. It is preferred that every subtopic cover a paragraph on its own to give clarity and neatness of the work. After writing the body, a strongly supported conclusion follows. A conclusion is also as important as the introduction. It should state briefly what the essay entails and it should marry with the introduction. That is the conclusion and introduction should carry almost the same information but not an exact copy of the introduction. 


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The final part of essay writing is the references. They are the evidence in the form of books and other articles of where the writer got the information from. References can be as many as the reader specified them to be in that the writer has to follow the readers instructions. In addition, they are stated at the last page of the essay. As a result, the readers could need more information about the topic under study and the references would show where they can find the additional information. There are different styles of writing the references depending on the style the writer is told to use. 

A good essay writing needs consistency in practice. writing many sample papers and presenting them to an expat to check on the mistakes would help as everybody learns through mistakes. 

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