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A term paper is a research article written by a student to the school administration at the end of a semester. Usually, a term paper is meant for the professor to get the students understanding about a specific course. It is more like a research paper only that it takes a specific format and it is school based. A tutor might provide a topic or rather the student is allowed to choose a topic. When choosing a topic, the student should select a topic that is easy for him or her to write and research on. It is advisable for the student to choose a topic that he or she understood best in class.

How to Write a Term Paper Excellently

 Before writing a term paper, the student is required to write a term paper proposal to the tutor to defend the topic under study. A term paper writing requires the student to firstly understand the topic, make a position on whether the student agrees or disagrees with the topic. Then research on the topic to make arguments that support the title and make relevant examples. Following instructions is key in term paper writing. Although there are some factors that a student should consider not to do. They include, placing different arguments in one paragraph, giving examples that are irrelevant to the topic being written about and writing a term paper that is unrelated to the study topic.

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When doing a term paper based on scientific subjects, the format only includes a well written introduction which gives a brief explanation of the work, a body that contains the whole findings and a conclusion that briefly answers the study questions, states more finding and makes recommendations to the reader for further reading. When dealing with other subjects including history, the format looks quite the same as a research paper format. Beginning with the title page that states the topic, the student’s name, the instructor’s name, the institution and date of submission.

 The abstract is the next part of term paper writing. It briefly explains what the article entails and the conclusions. That is the results, methods used, purpose of the research and conclusion. The abstract is usually meant to give the reader an idea of the work done. The introduction should be written next after the abstract and it gives the reader a brief explanation of how the writer solved the problem areas in the term paper topic. What follows after the introduction is the method or materials used, this is the part where the materials used to do the research are included. The method part is written to answer the question how did someone conduct the research and what did the person use to make the research effective. 


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Writing results of the research is the next part after the method and this is the whole body and findings from the research. It should include data collected if the research was a field study. the discussion about the results is written next and it gives a brief summary of the results. A strong and admirable conclusion is written. A strong conclusion should answer the research question, have a short summarization of the result and have recommendation. The referencing part should come on the last page the referencing depends with how the tutor wants it written. Common formatting styles are MLA and APA. It should be done according to the instructions given. Good research requires research from many sources. There is no specific length required in writing a term paper.

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